Do Penis Pumps Work | How To Increase Your Penis

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Do penis pumps work effectively?

According to, penis pumps are known as one of several methods of increasing the size of a man’s vital organ. The cylinder or tube-like device works by creating a partial vacuum around the shaft that draws blood into it, hence enlarging its size during erection. Conventionally, the device is used as temporary remedy for impotence. Once the organ is erected due to the drawn blood, a compression ring is slid on the shaft to maintain the erection.

Do penis pumps work permanently?

From how the device works (i.e. triggering the blood flow hence creating erection), it is clear that the tube works temporarily. When your manhood is back to its normal state (no longer undergoing the erection), it will return to its actual size.

Do penis pumps work safely?

However, using the tool for enlarging the length and girth of your manhood is not without risk. According to, although the cylinder is distributed by suppliers of medical equipment, it does not cover the fact that these instruments have some dangerous risks too. Carefully read the manual before trying to use this method. Overuse of the pumps may trigger serious injuries such as burst blood vessels and blisters. In some cases, the tool may accidentally suck in the testicles, causing pain or injuries. Other case that might occur during the use of the tube is that the rim of the device can cut into the skin hence damaging the ligaments of around the shaft. Impatient use may also cause too powerful suction that leads to more various problems such as severe and permanent injury that leaves deformity of the penis.

Do penis pumps work better than natural exercise?

Do Penis Pumps Work – Natural exercise for enlarging your vital organ uses only the safest device ever: your hands. No surgery, no pills, no weight hanging, and most prominently, no pumps. The exercise by hand offered by the Penis Advantage program for instance, can improve your manhood size up to 4 inches by increasing the capacity of your Corpora cavernosa. For you who wonder what Corpora cavernosa are, these are two chambers located at the upper part of your shaft where blood flows heavily during the erection. Think logically: larger space has larger capacity. This is what will happen after you undergo the program’s daily 6-minute exercise. Different from the tube that works only when the device still shows its effect, the exercise shows significant and obvious result even when the shaft does not erect. The effect of the exercise can be seen in only a few days to two weeks after the treatment. Up to now, the success of the program for enlarging the length and girth of men’s vital organ reaches 99.8%, which is the highest result that stands out from all other methods. You can fully claim your money back if within 8 weeks of regular exercise you don’t see the promised result of the program.

Do penis pumps work safer than natural exercise?

Do penis pumps work safer than natural exercise? The natural exercise from Penis Advantage program does not use pumps and weight hanging method that may injure or deform your shaft. It neither uses pills and supplements that may contain dangerous herbal ingredients nor applies the penile augmentation surgery method that although very expensive still has a high chance of failure.Maybe you often ask your self do penis pumps work? The natural exercise program absolutely uses risk-free method that includes a fully natural penis enlargement system which is safer than penis pumps.
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